Sanded concrete

Sanded concrete

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Concrete whose skin has undergone after hardening a mechanical treatment of erosion more or less deep by projection of abrasive elements.

Directed in “wet way”, sandblasting avoids the suspension of dust. With the help of stencils, sandblasting makes it possible to create patterns or smooth strips, they speak then about poached concrete sanded.

Nice to the foot and aesthetics, he is suitable for all qualitative developments and integrates perfectly with environment.

Sandblasting is a mechanical erosion treatment. It involves attacking a concrete facing, whose skin has already hardened, with a jet of sand (sometimes iron filings or shot) projected with compressed air. This projection of sand will clear more or less granules which, depending on their hardness and the duration of sanding, will be more or less rounded.

Current uses

Exterior floor coverings (paths, terraces, driveways, etc.) and prefabricated façade elements.


Not to mention colored concretes by adding pigments, “natural” colors depend on the color of the aggregates used. Two particularities are to be noted: the darker aggregates are lightened by sanding, and the abrasion slightly tarnishes the final brightness of the material. As a result, sanding is particularly suitable for making matt surfaces.


In light rubbing-out, sanded concrete is often appreciated for its natural appearance as it integrates perfectly into the environment. Additional advantage: sandblasting allows well localized treatments on the material, possibly using stencils.