Draining concrete

Draining concrete

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Drainage concrete differs from traditional concrete in its highly permeable power. Indeed it has up to 35% porosity, a permeability of 5cm / s, which corresponds to a performance 1000 times greater than extreme rain in France, which it represents about 2cm / 10min.

Why choose draining concrete?

  • Eco-friendly, this material respects the natural cycle of water and does not clog municipal drainage systems

  • Alternative solution to other drainage solutions: slabs and pavers in particular

  • Customizable, you will be able to choose the color and also the type of expansion joint (paved with decoration of your choice or dry joint)

The draining concrete is laid directly on the floor, sometimes on a screed, for multiple uses thanks to its permeable coating which allows great comfort:

  • no puddles and runoff thanks to instant infiltration of rainwater into the soil

  • lowering of the temperature of the coating thanks to its natural ventilation

  • soft granulometry for barefoot comfort

  • does not slip in wet weather

  • does not adhere to to feet or tyres of cars

With these qualities you will be able to benefit from some concrete draining terraces on the paths of your garden, the outline of the home, and also for the turn of swimming pools. Indeed he is ideal for swimming pools, the draining concrete does not slide even humid and it does not heat because it is ventilated.