Deactivated concrete

Deactivated concrete

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The deactivated concrete is nowadays one of the most appreciated decorative concretes . Very aesthetic, it is regularly used, whether by individuals or public authorities. You will find disabled concrete in gardens, terraces, driveways, and downtown: sidewalks, pedestrian areas …

The technique of implementation of deactivated concrete is specific. This method allows, according to your choice, a more or less granular appearance, which makes all the charm of the concrete deactivated. This concrete gives the impression of having a gravel driveway without the disadvantages! And yes, with the deactivated concrete, finished the gravels which scatter without stopping. It is therefore a concrete that has everything to please, at the same time aesthetic, easy maintenance and sustainable.

Characteristics of deactivated concrete

You will find that the possibilities offered by the deactivated concrete in terms of appearance, are numerous and varied. This explains why deactivated concrete is one of the most popular decorative concrete today! This concrete gives you the opportunity to customize it by choosing its appearance and colors.

This has become possible thanks to the creation of aggregates and colored pigments that now offer a wide choice in the appearance of concrete.

De-activated concrete is also used for some of its properties:

  • It is a very weather-resistant concrete, adaptable to all kinds of terrain
  • Aggregate exposure is not only pleasant to view, it allows the deactivated concrete to be a strong non-slip
  • The deactivated concrete does not store heat, ideally suited for our sunny region

Specially adapted for: Terraces, garden paths, swimming pool beaches, car parks, urban roads, sidewalks, bike paths …